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b-Bets has a unique auction-focused loyalty offer.

As soon as you claim your b-Bets Welcome Bonus you are granted BidBet credits, which can be used to bid on a series of bonuses.
example: deposit offers, money bonus, freebets, cashbacks, freespins, more BidBets, and more.

Further BidBets are aquired by wagering on b-Bets.com

Casino the following BidBet rates apply: For every €20 you play on any slot game, you will earn 1 extra BidBet. 
Playing table games or our fabulous live casino games will also credit you BidBets, but with a lower ratio
(for the exact ratio, please check out our Casino bonus terms page).

Sports the following BidBet rates apply: 
for odds of: 1.8 and lower will earn 1 BidBet for every €60
Between 1.8 and 2.0 will earn 1 BidBet for every €40
Between 2.0 and 4.0 will earn 1 BidBet for every €20
4.0 and greater will earn 1 BidBet for every €15
For example, a bet of €20 placed at odds of 2.0 would earn 1 BidBet.

There are constantly new items in the auction house that you can use your BidBets on.

b-Bets Auction is a funride on the Rollercoaster that never ends.