The Daily Quiz:

You may take this quiz everyday for your chance to win up to €10. Any deposit of €10+ will get you registered to the daily Quiz

Once you have been registered you will recieve your first days questions.

In order to get your next lot of daily questions you would need to

Deposit €10 on Casino or Sports, or

Wager €10 on odds of 1.8 or higher, or

Wager €10 on the Casino*.

What can I win?

Prizes for the Daily Quiz are as follow:

1st place - €10

2nd place - €5

3rd place - €5 risk free bet

4th place - €3 + 15 Free Spins

5th place - €3 + 15 Free Spins

Additionally all Daily quiz winners will receive 2 Grand Tournament points.


The Weekly Tournament:

During every week of the world cup season you can achieve points by making deposits, wagering on Casino, wagering on Sportsbook and by winning the Daily tournament.

At the end of every week during the World Cup, the top 3 players with the most points will share a pot of €175 + 300 Free Spins.

1st place - €100 + 100 Free Spins

2nd place - €50 + 100 Free Spins

3rd place - €25 + 100 Free Spins

All prizes are given as bonus funds*

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The Grand Tournament:

This tournament runs throughout the entire World Cup Season, and just like in the weekly tournament the players will be able to achieve points by making deposits, wagering on Casino, and wagering on Sportsbook.

The first person to fill all their points will receive €2000. Every player who will complete all the points will receive €1000. The following 5 players who do not fill their points will share a pot of €1000.

Prizes for the Grand Tournament:

Everyone who fills the bar gets €1000 (gets maximum points)

1st person to complete it gets extra €1000

2nd highest gets €500

3rd highest gets €250

4th highest gets €125

5th highest gets €75

6th highest gets €50

Start Winning
  • A €10 deposit, €10 wager on sportsbook or €10 wager on casino will automatically enroll the users in Daily Quiz.
  • Registration in the Daily Quiz is available anytime during the period of action of the b-Bets World Cup Tournaments.
  • The Daily Quiz's are available daily subject to a €10 deposit, €10 wager on sportsbook or €10 wager on casino*.
  • Daily Quiz may be taken only once a day.
  • Winners of the Daily Quiz are determined by the player with shortest time of response and most accurate answers.
  • Abusing the requirements such as cashing out the qualifying bet before it settles will disqualify the player from any winnings or future daily tournaments.
  • We reserve the right to cancel, change, alter or withdraw these these promotions at any time.
  • Normal terms and conditions apply.
  • All cash prizes will be given as bonus money.
  • *Standard wagering terms and conditions apply.