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Auctions Terms and Conditions

1.     Placing bids

1.1 You can bid on auction items with BidBets only. All current live auctions can be found on the Auctions page.

1.2 Bids can be placed at any time before the timer on the auction reaches zero.

1.3 You may only place a bid if you currently hold enough BidBets in your account.

1.4 All bids placed must be confirmed. You bid is confirmed when it appears in the ‘Bidding history’ of the auction.

1.5 Bids accepted in error, either due to lack of balance or received after the auction has ended, will be made void.

2.    What to do when you have won an auction

2.1 Items won at auction can be found in the player lobby, after you have logged in to your account.

2.2 Approximately 10 minutes after the conclusion of the auction you will receive an email to confirm. When this email has been received your account will be credited with the won item and these can be viewed and claimed in the player lobby.

3.    Bonus types

3.1    Bonus money

If the item won is bonus money, the funds will be credited to your account when you have claimed the item in your player lobby.

3.2    Free Spins

If free spins have been won and they have been claimed in the player lobby, the free spins will be automatically requested for you with the game provider. The free spins should then be immediately available on the game you won the free spins with.

3.3    Cash Back Bonus

Cash Back bonuses must be claimed in the payer lobby.  You will be notified when your cash back bonus is ready to claim. Your won cash back bonus will be of the same value as stated in the auction won.

A deposit must be made and the bonus claimed at the time of deposit.

3.4    Deposit Bonus

Deposit bonuses must be claimed through the player lobby. You will be notified when your deposit bonus is ready to claim. Your won deposit bonus will be of the value(s) as stated in the auction won.

A deposit must be made and the bonus claimed at the time of deposit.

3.5    BidBets

It is considered bonus abuse if a substantial number of won auctions (greater than 50%) are on auctions in which BidBets are the won item.  

B-Bets reserves the right to decide if an account holder is participating in bonus abuse and bids or won items may be made void at any time. All decisions made by b-Bets are final.

3.6    Other Items

Any other item will be specified in the Auction, all general and bonus terms are applicable.


General and Bonus terms and conditions of b-Bets apply.

Last update: April 23, 2015