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UCL 2021/22 Predictor

1. Input your score predictions
Predict the scores of each match day and get a chance to win amazing PRIZES. HERE!

2. Six different match days
Each match day will have 16 fixtures to predict. Win prizes from each match day.

3. Gain points for each correct home goals, away goals, and correct outcome of the match
See how you get on as the competition unfolds - will you become the top b-Bets challenger?

4. Follow the global leaderboard
Will you become the top predictor? The global leaderboard will calculate your scores from all match days combined and you will get a chance to compete for the main prize.

The challenge will run from 08/09/2021 up until the end of the Group Stages, 08/12/2021.

Match Day Prize Pool (Match Days 1 to 6): 

Place Prize
1st €200 CASH PRIZE
2nd €100 CASH PRIZE
3rd €75 CASH PRIZE
4th €50 CASH PRIZE
5th €40 CASH PRIZE
6-10th €20 BONUS MONEY*

* Wagering requirement as per standard T&Cs.

Global Prize Pool (scores from all match days combined): 

Place Prize
1st LG 65 inch OLED TV
Or cash equivalent (€2000)
2nd €1500 CASH PRIZE
3rd €850 CASH PRIZE
4th €400
5th €200
6-10th €80
11-15th €60
16-20th €50
21-30th €40 BONUS MONEY*
31-40th €30 BONUS MONEY*
41-50th €20 BONUS MONEY*

* Wagering requirement as per standard T&Cs.



Specific Terms and Conditions
1.    This promotion will run from 08/09/21 to 08/12/2021 (the ‘Promotional Period’).
2.    By taking part in this competition, you hereby agree to these Specific Terms and Conditions and to our General Terms and Conditions.
3.    To participate in this competition, an Eligible player (as defined below) must input his or her predictions during the Promotional Period.
4.    Players must:
a.    Be over 18 years old; and
b.    Registered player on b-Bets.
5.    Players who have been previously excluded from playing on b-Bets promotions or bonuses will not be able to participate in this promotion.
The UCL 2021/22 Predictor
6.    The “UCL 2021/22 Predictor” is a competition that complies with the following requirements.
a.    Scores of all matches presented on the competition page should be predicted by the Eligible Players. This applies to each Match Day (1-6).
b.    Predictions can be changed up until the one (1) minute prior to the start of the first match of each Match Day.
c.    Predictions cannot be changed after the start of the first match of each Match Day.
d.  Users that do not predict any scores in one Match Day will still be able to participate in other Match Day predictions.

Match Day Leaderboard
7.    Players can follow the number of points they generated on each Match Day in the b-Bets lobby. Points will be accumulated in the following way:
a.    1 point for each correct home team score (number of goals)
b.    1 point for each correct away team score (number of goals)
c.    2 points for correct outcome of match (home/away win or draw)
The points generated on each Match Day will be added to the global score of each player represented in the Global Leaderboard. 
8.    The official scores of the matches will be based on the official results released by UEFA (the “Source”). 
The Prize
9.  The top 10 Eligible Players that score the highest points (the “Match Day Winners”, will be eligible to win prizes from the share of the Match Day prize pool)
10.    The top 50 Eligible Players that score the highest points (the “Global Winners”, will be eligible to win prizes from the share of the Global prize pool)
11.  The Winner of the Global prize can choose between the physical prize or the cash equivalent of that physical prize. The prize will be either credited or sent to the player by 31/12//2021.
12.  If there are two or more individuals with the same number of points in either leaderboard, the player with the higher amount of total lifetime deposits will prevail.
12.    Where b-Bets suspects that a winning player is guilty of fraudulent activity, the company reserves the right to suspend of remove that player from the promotion, and/or suspend that player’s account and/or suspend the Competition pending further investigation.
13.    Each player participating in the Competition recognizes to have read and accepted the General Terms and Conditions.
14.    b-Bets reserves the right to modify, cancel or terminate the promotion at any time without prior notice.