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Cool the Earth with greenery or miss all the scenery

For Dr. Jeffery Robertson this is a game of inches so go through the clues in this ancient tome with a fine-toothed comb,
for it will unlock the hidden secrets the Book of Oasis holds!
Join b-Bets for your chance to win the 200 Free Rounds that are up for grabs with Gamomat's 'Quests! Quests Everywhere! Tournament.

Promotion period: between Thursday the 06 January 2022 (12:00 CET) until Monday 17 January 2022 (12:00 CET).

During the period from 06.01-17.01.2022, three milestones (quests) will be added in the first six (6) days, with another three (3) new quests in the following six (6) days.
If the players complete the initial three (3) milestones within the given timeframe, they will be rewarded with 50 Free Rounds.
The same reward is extended for the completion of the next three (3) milestones.

Quest Milestones:
Only bets of 0.20 Euro cents or higher count as qualifying bets towards the completion of the quests issued to the player.
A) The initial quest (3 milestones) is available for the period of 06.01.2022 (12:00 CET) to 12.01.2022 (12:00 CET).

Sum of Bets - €150 in Bets
Total number of BIG WINS - 6 BIG WINS (10x or more)
Number of Rounds - 200 Rounds

B) The second quest (3 milestones) can be completed between 12.01.2022 (12:00 CET) to 17.01.2022 (12:00 CET).

Sum of Wins - €150 in wins
Number of Rounds - 200 Rounds
Total number of non-Zero wins - 50 Wins

Prize Pool:
Each completed quest (3 milestones) will see the player awarded with 50 Free Rounds
The first round of winners will be announced on 13.01.2022.
The second round of winners will be announced on 18.01.2022.



Qualifying game:



- b-Bets reserves the right to modify the rules of the tournament as well as suspend or cancel the tournament at any time.
- b-Bets reserves the right to void scores or not pay out a prize, wherein our opinion all or part of the score results from cheating or collusion with other players.
- b-Bets further reserves the right to void scores, or not pay out a prize where all or part of the score results from any obvious error, mistake, or technical fault (including correct game payouts) whether caused by a machine or human error in respect of any of the participating games.