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Double Down!

Put your game face on for we are going to 'Double Down' with our 10s and hope for the best!
Join b-Bets for your chance to win an epic share of the €20K of 4K Bonus Cards that's up for grabs
with Evolution's - The Blackjack Bonus Cards Giveaway Tournament.

Promotional period: runs each Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday from 06.01.2022 until 30.01.2022.  


1. Bonus Card worth €5 will be added to each new shoe of cards during each promotion day from 18:00 UTC till 21:00 UTC.
2. Players can Win Bonus Card if it is dealt on the seat/hand where the Player has placed an eligible bet.
The minimum eligible bet is €5 or currency equivalent that is placed on the table as Main Bet.
Bet Behind and Side Bets are NOT eligible, ONLY Player who has placed Main Bet will be rewarded.
3. If the Bonus Card is dealt to dealers hand the card will be put back in the shoe and no bonus will be awarded until Bonus Card has been dealt to the Player's seat.
4. Bonus will be credited regardless of whether the Player's hand wins or loses.
5. There is no limit on how many Bonus Cards can be collected, each Bonus Card dealt will reward Players with a €5 Bonus.


Qualified Blackjack Tables:

 Blackjack Classic  7 
 Blackjack Classic  9
 Blackjack Classic 17 
 Blackjack Classic 18

 Blackjack Classic 20 
 Blackjack Classic 30 
 Blackjack Classic 44 
 Blackjack Classic 55 

  Blackjack Classic 51
  Blackjack Classic 53
  Blackjack Classic 57
  Blackjack Classic 59

  Blackjack Classic 60
  Blackjack Classic 61
  Blackjack Classic 63
  Blackjack Classic 64
  Blackjack Classic 70
  Classic Speed Blackjack 22
  Classic Speed Blackjack 25
  Classic Speed Blackjack 26
  Classic Speed Blackjack 27
 Classic Speed Blackjack 28
  Classic Speed Blackjack 29
  Classic Speed Blackjack 30
  Classic Speed Blackjack 31
  Classic Speed Blackjack 32
  Classic Speed Blackjack 34



- Bonus will be credited to winning Player's account within 72 hours after Bonus Card has been dealt.
- This campaign is not open to Sweden, Switzerland, Spain, Romania, Lithuania, Denmark, Portugal, and restricted territories as per Evolution Group are also excluded.
- Cash prizes cannot have ANY wagering requirements. Players should be able to withdraw prizes immediately should they wish to do so.
- b-Bets reserves the right to modify the rules of the tournament as well as suspend or cancel the tournament at any time.
- b-Bets reserves the right to void scores or not pay out a prize, wherein our opinion all or part of the score results from cheating or collusion with other players.
- b-Bets further reserves the right to void scores, or not pay out a prize where all or part of the score results from any obvious error, mistake, or technical fault (including correct game payouts) whether caused by a machine or human error in respect of any of the participating games.